Read what we learned in our first survey of GEN Z women.
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It's about the starting line. MELD is the career accelerator that surrounds you with mentorship, leadership training and networking resources to guide you at a critical point in your journey - the very start.

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You're not alone. Our recent survey showed so much overlap in what you're thinking through, worried about and dreaming up.
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A new generation of leaders
is on the rise–join us.

Workforce & Purchasing Power

By the next decade, the Gen Z cohort is expected to constitute one-third of the global workforce, bringing with them a unique blend of skills, perspectives, and values that are reshaping the professional landscape.

Actively Shaping our Future

Generation Z is at the forefront of social and technological innovation. Their commitment to sustainability and social justice is driving corporate responsibility, while their tech-savvy nature fuels advancements in digital and AI technologies. This generation is not just adapting to the future; they are actively creating it.

Join Tight-knit Events with High- Performance Women

World-class global network of established female leaders connect with emerging female talent in intimate forums - where MELD women are the competitive advantage.

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Create Extraordinary  Relationships

MELD cultivates authentic connections between established women and emerging talent to drive change through interdisciplinary forums across industry and age - setting the standard for leadership development for women.

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Accelerate your Professional Self

MELD is harnessing and driving a trend - to create the environment for women that men have naturally had.  Transform your future through the discovery experience and the value of the network effect.

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"We are told to claim our seat at the table but we are never told where the table is."


CEO Advisor,
Strategic Leadership Innovation Fellow at Harvard
and MELD Founder

“Gen Z women do not just want their piece of the pie. They want market share in the bakery.”

Angelique Power

MELD Advisor,
President of The Skillman Foundation

“I read that boys are raised to be brave and girls are raised to be perfect.But that means our stakes are higher to ask questions, to take risks, to fail. It’s harder for us to bounce back and keep going.”

Gabriella Gordon

Recent college graduate,
Founding MELD Member


What's Happening at MELD

February 5th, 2024

Meet Our Interns!

Meet MELD’s first interns!  This team of leaders and doers will be integral in designing and delivering our content and programming this year - and we’re excited to introduce you to Adreonnis, McMillan, Michelle, Morgan, and Shukria.

March 1st, 2024

How will you MELD?

It's the first day of Women's History Month! Take a second today to make a goal for yourself for the month ahead. What do you want to learn? Who can help teach you? How will you mentor someone else? How will you lead in a way that matters in your life? This month is a time of reflection and focus - to acknowledge history and design for the future - one MELD moment at a time. Make your moment. Make your story.

February 8th, 2024

Student Spotlight: After Graduation

Meet Morgan, MELD’s social media intern. We talk a lot at MELD about questions we are wrestling with. Here are some of Morgan’s. What are yours? Tell us and we’ll share answers from our MELD network in our future content. Let’s go girls

October 2nd, 2023

Preparing for an Interview?

If you knew then what you know now…courtesy of MELD member, @miajohansson9

MELD incubated at the Harvard University Technology and Entrepreneurship Center and has established national reach in its first year.

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©2024 MELD. All rights reserved.