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Our Founder

Founded & led by Katie McCormick Lelyveld.

Our Founder’s Vision

Under the leadership of Katie McCormick Lelyveld, MELD's strategic direction is anchored in her role as a CEO Advisor and Fellow at Harvard's Technology and Entrepreneurship Center. Her expertise guides MELD's expansion into academic, business, and athletic sectors nationwide. Katie's vision is fueled by her dedication to strategic leadership and innovation, setting the course for MELD to become a pivotal platform for women's advancement.

Katie’s Journey to Professional Excellence

Katie's journey, influenced by the strong women in her life, reflects her commitment to challenging the status quo. From her mother's encouragement to her experiences with dynamic First Ladies who were driving true "firsts", she has harnessed these influences to forge a career in connecting people and creating opportunities. At MELD, Katie leverages these experiences to bridge the gap between the potential of high-performing women and the existing workplace systems, cultivating a dynamic network of women leaders poised to drive meaningful change.

“Katie has been with me since the very beginning and I’ve relied on her intelligence, grace, quick wit, humor and friendship through the campaign and at the White House. I will always be grateful for her hard work and dedication."

Former First Lady Michelle Obama

Katie McCormick Lelyveld

Strategic Leadership Innovation Fellow and MELD Founder
Katie is a strategic communications, partnerships and public affairs specialist with expertise in reputation management and legacy building.

Throughout her career, Katie has been the person to whom influential leaders have turned to manage critical issues with campaign-style execution to shape and drive the conversation. Katie's career is rooted in her roles at the White House, notably serving as First Lady Michelle Obama's first press secretary.

Katie has worked with leaders at the highest levels of the private and public sectors to determine priorities, distinguish vision and deliver impact. She advises teams supporting national and global leaders to navigate the challenges and opportunities faced in rarified air.

She also serves as the Strategic Leadership Innovation Fellow through the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard University. It is through this role that Katie designs and leads MELD.

Advisors & Partners

MELD is fortunate to benefit from a vast and growing network of senior advisors and partners including:

Female-founded, Women-led
Business Partners

“MELD is more than a mentorship program. It is a transformative tool for generations to build upon access and opportunity that has been fought for before us - and for us.”

Katie McCormick Lelyveld

CEO Advisor,
Strategic Leadership Innovation Fellow at Harvard
and MELD Founder

“Gen Z women do not just want their piece of the pie. They want market share in the bakery.”

Angelique Power

MELD Advisor,
President of The Skillman Foundation

“I read that boys are raised to be brave and girls are raised to be perfect.But that means our stakes are higher to ask questions, to take risks, to fail. It’s harder for us to bounce back and keep going.”

Gabriella Gordon

Recent college graduate,
Founding MELD Member

Bringing together talent with
game-changing leaders.

MELD is built on a spiral approach to learning, providing forums
to engage consistently, building trust and leading to deeper
questions and stronger relationships.

Spiral Learning

A bespoke environment to bring today's undergraduate learners and established leaders together for mutual benefit over time.

Structure + Substance

1:1 coaching, campus-based discussions and larger global forums with successful mentors across industries.

Sustained Engagement

Our partners understand the value of long game investment. We yield genuine relationships that position more young women to be ready for what’s next.


What's Happening at MELD

February 5th, 2024

Meet Our Interns!

Meet MELD’s first interns!  This team of leaders and doers will be integral in designing and delivering our content and programming this year - and we’re excited to introduce you to Adreonnis, McMillan, Michelle, Morgan, and Shukria.

March 1st, 2024

How will you MELD?

It's the first day of Women's History Month! Take a second today to make a goal for yourself for the month ahead. What do you want to learn? Who can help teach you? How will you mentor someone else? How will you lead in a way that matters in your life? This month is a time of reflection and focus - to acknowledge history and design for the future - one MELD moment at a time. Make your moment. Make your story.

February 8th, 2024

Student Spotlight: After Graduation

Meet Morgan, MELD’s social media intern. We talk a lot at MELD about questions we are wrestling with. Here are some of Morgan’s. What are yours? Tell us and we’ll share answers from our MELD network in our future content. Let’s go girls

October 2nd, 2023

Preparing for an Interview?

If you knew then what you know now…courtesy of MELD member, @miajohansson9

MELD incubated at the Harvard University Technology and Entrepreneurship Center and has established national reach in its first year.

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